I) Annual Association Dues
Annual dues are currently set at $500/lot and billed quarterly at $125 to be remitted to the below address as instructed by your emailed or mailed statement.
APMS, Inc.
P.O. Box 2182
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Questions concerning should be directed to the following:
APMS, Inc.
(540) 423-3879 
II) Trash Collection:
Trash collection is not covered by annual Association dues. In effort to perserve and prolong the life of roads by limiting the number of/reducing traffic of heavy vehicles in the subdivision, the Board has designated an exclusive provider of trash/recycle collection, which is currently Time Disposal (434-977-3339). Time Disposal (a local, Greene County business) provides Single Stream Collection- no separation of recyclables is required.  All material is transported to the van der Linde Recycling Facility near Zion Crossroads, reducing the load on the Greene County Waste Facility paid for by our property taxes, and extending its operating lifespan.  In exchange for their exclusive access to our community, Time Disposal has granted Twin Lakes a reduced group rate, which is the same for all residents.
Alternatively, Individuals may take their trash to the Greene County Solid Waste facility just up the road on Swift Run Rd.
Per Section 2, Article X, Paragraph 2 of the Twin Lakes Rules & Regulations:
Lot owners shall, at their own expense, either (a) use the services of the Provider selected by the Board or (b) dispose of their household waste at the County landfill. Any lot owner who receives trash and recycling collection services from anyone other than the Provider selected by the Board shall inform their existing service provider of the change and instruct their existing provider to immediately end all service. Once the Board has selected a Provider, lot owners shall not be entitled to use the services of any other provider of trash and recycling collection services. No lot owner is obligated to participate in trash and recycling collection services offered by Provider.
III) Water Service
Water is provided to the Twin Lakes subdivision by Mountain Lakes Water Company, (434) 985-7504.
IV) Power
Power is provided to the Twin Lakes subdivision by Rappahannock Electric Coop (800) 552-3904.

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