TLOA Monthly Meeting: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 from 7-9pm
TLOA Office - Stanardsville, Va. All home owners welcome! ► view map

Important Notes:

Leaf Disposal: Please dispose of your leaves properly by composting on your property, burning them in coordination with County ordinances, or bagging them for the trash. Dumping leaves on near-by lots in Twin Lakes is illegal. We have had lots of complaints in the past about this.

Property Enhancements: Please contact the Board or APMS before making any architectural changes to your property including, but not limited to, sheds, garages, and deck extensions. You are required to submit a plan for approval and in some cases remit an impact fee.

Past Meeting Minutes: The September and October Minutes have been posted! Annual meeting minutes from October are the draft version until we can vote on approval at the 2017 Annual meeting. Thank you for your patience to get these posted! We did not have a Board meeting in October to review the September minutes before now.

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Welcome to the Twin Lakes Owners' Association web site! This site was created to answer your questions and to connect you to the Twin Lakes community in beautiful Greene County, Virginia. We invite you to explore the site for information about bylaws, news in our area, upcoming board meetings and more!

There are many issues that face our neighborhood that we all need to know about. We hope this web site will help you to stay informed about concerns we must address.

We also hope to encourage you to get involved in our community to help create an environment that everyone can enjoy.

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    TLOA Monthly Meeting

    Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016 - 7-9pm
    15 Ford Ave, Stanardsville
    All home owners welcome! ► map

    Morning Glory Turn Repair

    Posted 11/19/16
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    Follow Us On Twitter!

    Posted 7/3/16
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    Board Members Needed!!

    Posted 5/23/16
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