Next Board Meeting: Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 7-9pm
TLOA Office - Stanardsville, Va. All home owners welcome! ► view map

Important Notices About Unkempt Property:

In an effort to address a growing number of complaints and safety issues, we need to emphasize the following important homeowner and home-renter responsibilities regarding properties within Twin Lakes:

  • You are responsible for keeping the road front of your property clear of brush by a minimum of 3 feet deep and 12 feet high from the road. Because so many homeowners have neglected to comply with this repeated request, we may be forced to hire a lawn care company to take care of the numerous property fronts in violation. This could possibly mean increased assessments passed on to homeowners.
  • PLEASE DO NOT dump leaves, grass clippings, branches, or any other items in road-side drainage ditches, including your own ditch and those of your neighbors. We are trying hard to keep those clean from unintended debris as it is. Adding to this problem on purpose will get immediate attention from the TLOA Board including fines.
  • PLEASE DO NOT blow grass clipping into the road and leave them there. This makes our community look unsightly, and discourages potential homebuyers. This can't be helped during mowing, but afterwards we ask that you take an extra moment to use the mower to blow the clippings back into your yard or collect them in some other manner.
  • PLEASE do not put out your trash cans earlier than the day before they are to be serviced and be certain to pull your cans in the day they are emptied. At other times trash cans should be pulled away from the road and stored at least 50 feet away. We have many residents leaving out cans for days to weeks on end. This is not fair to your neighbors who are working hard to help keep our community beautiful.
  • Notices will be going out soon to all property owners that have failed to comply with all guidelines and requests set forth by the HOA most notably including those above. Please tend to these important, basic maintenance requests soon to keep our community safe and avoid fines, special assessments or additional increases in HOA dues..
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Next Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 7-9pm
TLOA Office - Stanardsville, Va. All home owners welcome!
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